Amazing nature photography Canon eos 1000d

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| December 18th, 2012 | Posted in Nature Photography |

25 Responses to “Amazing nature photography Canon eos 1000d”

  1. wierasa Says:

    Some of them are pretty good, others are not. For taking pictures of water, it’s best to stop down the camera and use a long exposure with a tripod. Also, some of the pictures are over exposed due to flash. Great work though!

  2. Snakeman418 Says:

    eclipse score? what r u talkin about lol, im so lost..

  3. gloria0472 Says:

    lol why did you use the eclipse score ….ya know from the twilight movies??

  4. sheri47 Says:

    Very impressive pictures! I love this camera and still have alot to learn but am so glad I have it for the exact reasons shown here in this vid! The pictures come out great!

  5. Snakeman418 Says:

    the standard stock lens, 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 image stabilized lens.

  6. billybobblecob Says:

    what lense did you use?

  7. Snakeman418 Says:

    Oh no… please don’t curse me out over the internet i’m getting scared.

  8. seira0104 Says:

    fuck u, fuck u , fuck u, fuck u mother fucker

  9. Snakeman418 Says:

    Yep, I wish it was easy to show people that snakes are not evil and in fact are good, but you gotta teach one person at a time. Society will always be ignorant, but individuals can be taught. I’ve seen before my eyes snakes disappearing in the wild due strictly to people, it is very sad.

  10. LoneHerper Says:

    I see.

    Same here about the Gaboon. They are one of my favs, and there only being like 500 left in the wild, would make it an even better find. Sad though.

  11. Snakeman418 Says:

    Thanks, and good question. The snakes, beside the boa and the American ones were taken either at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans or some zoo in Oklahoma, I don’t remember lol. I wish I found a Gaboon Viper in the wild, I think I’d mess myself.

  12. LoneHerper Says:

    Awesome man! You have some talent!

    Where did you take the picture of the Gaboon Viper??

  13. Snakeman418 Says:

    ight dude, take it easy, peace.

  14. daniyalbasketball Says:

    I’ll take that into consideration if I ever take pics of animals. Thanks for the reply 😀

  15. Snakeman418 Says:

    Ahhh, don’t hate snakes, they’re just like any other animal. They don’t want anything to do with people and if you show a snake that you don’t want to hurt or eat it then it won’t bite. Snakes bite people to defend, not attack. The cottonmouth at the end of the vid was used to me and cool with me so I actually free handled it without any worries or problems, because it knew that I wasn’t gonna hurt it. But thanks anyway for the comment, peace.

  16. daniyalbasketball Says:

    Awesome Camera and Pictures. i personally would never get that close to some of the snakes.

  17. ksullivan00 Says:

    hahaha i know right you have the type of brain i do dude lmfao

  18. Snakeman418 Says:

    the 1000d has sensor cleaning, iso 1600(not great), wb bracketing(good), exposure bracketing(good), and a good number of customizable features, but no video except through the computer. Its a good beginner dslr but the newer ones are a little more expensive but much better.

  19. Brendonisboss Says:

    But 1000d not have hd video? It only one way is plug computer make video….

  20. Brendonisboss Says:

    But 1000d not have hd video? It only one way is plug computer make edit video…..

  21. Snakeman418 Says:

    yeah, I don’t even care about getting bit by watersnakes anymore, unless their big, then I try real hard not to get bit lol.

  22. ksullivan00 Says:

    hahahahhaha i often get bit by those lmfao lofl

  23. Snakeman418 Says:

    Its a nice little camera but it lacks newer features like hd video. But although it has much better ISO quality than nikons version of the 1000d, the newer low end canons and nikons have much much much better ISO quality but the nikon only has 720p hd while canon has 1080p hd and 60fps 720p hd, I’d go Canon.

  24. Snakeman418 Says:

    Yep…. those little broadbanded watersnakes can be a handfull lol

  25. Brendonisboss Says:

    awesome pics, i will buy that camera!