Amazing nature photography of the British sparrowhawk bird – David Attenborough – BBC wildlife

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| December 13th, 2012 | Posted in Nature Photography |

23 Responses to “Amazing nature photography of the British sparrowhawk bird – David Attenborough – BBC wildlife”

  1. KBPhotography1997 Says:

    Please check out my nature photos!! thanks a bunch!

  2. bluR2D2 Says:

    @BBCWorldwide- Since you have stopped showing/sharingf the video of BBC World (Special features)”The Great Philippine eagle” due to copyrights violation. That have been uploaded by some YouTube subscribers.
    Can you please upload and share the Video of BBC World (Special features)”The Great Philippine eagle” featuring Sir David Attenborough. Thank you and more power!

  3. traplican Says:

    Excuse my English. I am not a child but a foreigner with bad English.

  4. daveuncut Says:

    the past tense of ‘fly’ is flew. i was hoping you were a child who may one day improve. you are not. I am sad.

  5. Dextiny Says:

    these birds are like the initial D of birds

  6. falcoperegrinus82 Says:


  7. accipiternisus01 Says:

    i would have thought small british birds up to the size of a pigeon,are more afraid of the sparrow hawk than the cat .fantastic birds they are .the starlings clicking call lets you know they are about if you miss em .shame the clips crap.

  8. 687bacon Says:

    i’ve 2 out the back in our field they squark all day one tried to pull one off our chickens though the chain link fence! unlucky!! also saw about 30 buzzards a few weeks back over the park high in the sky and about the same amount of herons never seen so many nesting in the trees wood peckers are common and have also seen alot of grass snakes this year

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  10. BarneyEire0900 Says:

    I spotted what i thought was a sparrow hawk today as i was ploghing for corn,but after seeing this video,im not so sure it were a sparow hawk,a little bigger then a rook..Could it of bein a female,I know there considerably bigger

  11. traplican Says:

    My wife and me have been bought our house some years ago. When we unloaded some small things from the car, a small bird (sparrow) and behind it a a sparrowhawk flied throuh the car. They flied by one open door inside and opposite door outside the car.

  12. blobby1972 Says:

    i love the quality vid especially when the picture brakes up into preity square formations

  13. Photographybabe4life Says:

    I love wildlife photography and scenery photography, If you check out my channel all and any videos I have , have pictures only i took, along with music from eva cassidy among others. I’ve only got one video on my channel so far but i’m working on my next one.thank you for reading
    Ellie 12

  14. Lobatchose Says:

    Best British Channel

  15. Jayido Says:

    Is this clip from The Life of Birds?

  16. Stephen Faherty Says:

    Thank fuck for that: I thought it was going to kill the robin for a sec, which would be like killing Christmas in my book.

  17. kokumaru Says:

    actually-all accipiter kill with there feet-sometimes eating there prey alive to kill it…

  18. unicinctus Says:

    my comment doesnt seem to be in the right place… was in reply to philbiglicks.

  19. unicinctus Says:

    sparrow hawks only do well where song birds do well.. if you havent got a local sparrow hawk eating the birds in your garden, then it means that the song birds are not doing well and therefor you have a problem! you have to be pretty thick not to realise that! and even thicker to shoot sparrow hawks. hope you get arrested soon.

  20. HeadDominion Says:

    such wonderful footage!

  21. bluR2D2 Says:

    It’s like the small version of Philippine eagle which hunts almost the same way in dense forests.

  22. rivelino70 Says:

    What series is this from?

  23. sneekix Says:

    attenbourough is the best. national geographic could learn a thing or two from him.