Lions vs lions – amazing nature photography – BBC wildlife

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| December 14th, 2012 | Posted in Nature Photography |

25 Responses to “Lions vs lions – amazing nature photography – BBC wildlife”

  1. hartfordguy71 Says:

    Fawziraq u r sexy Iraqi too

  2. Fawziraq Says:

    1:00 sexy!

  3. MajorPsychoticBunny Says:

    The film-makers have spy-cams that are disguised and can move about via remote control; in fact the bbc made an entire series of spy-cam documentaries

  4. SuprafighterKO Says:

    Don’t forget male lions are destined to die alone when they are overtaken by younger, stronger males. LOL

  5. curlygirly729 Says:

    that’s what i was wondering lol

  6. Robdee999 Says:

    This is like the rated R version of Lion King lol.

  7. TheBigBeavis Says:

    How are they getting those close up shots?

  8. narutoNmadara Says:


  9. xnbentari Says:


  10. narutoNmadara Says:


  11. TheChrisrex10 Says:

    OMG! At 1:10 when the make is running he looks exactly like Simba.

  12. 2010inger Says:


  13. segagamer20611 Says:


  14. 98jack76 Says:

    anyone notice that the nomadic lion roars had a catchy beat

  15. antionidept Says:

    It’s titled Spy in the Den

  16. wrxjd Says:


  17. TheMbret123 Says:

    The male lion in this video got help from the females otherwise he would not be able to beat them at once.

  18. TheMbret123 Says:

    Yes its true. there was a fight that took place but the fight that you see on this video is completely different and is taken from a different video with lions. The two male lions fighting on this video are the Tokitok pride male lions in the ngorongoro crater in tanzania. i know this because i bought that dvd. The post this fight over and over again it all of their lion documentaries whenever there is a conflict.

  19. AjandKris Says:

    3 people got mauled by lions.

  20. jackmarrin Says:

    im pretty sure that BBC, a huuuge company, wouldnt fake a video.

  21. babaganabal Says:


  22. killpride Says:

    yes the scenes are fake
    where the lion is running
    they actually tie a piece of meat on a pole to take that shot

  23. dargay Says:

    yeah and it lives in Siberia and will die of heat in Africa. So pointless.

  24. leannamarie797 Says:

    that lion is a beast

  25. Zé Gregório Says:

    this is fake! I saw this comentary with other version, they put different videos of others comentaries in the same video and they up stories!