Nature Photography Garden Snails JVC GY-HMU100 ProHD camera

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| August 3rd, 2014 | Posted in Nature Photography |

15 Responses to “Nature Photography Garden Snails JVC GY-HMU100 ProHD camera”

  1. Ken Wild Says:
  2. ROTWEISSROT by M. Huber Says:
  3. Ken Wild Says:

    The point of this video is just to show the nice high def picture of the
    camera in the title that i used and the snail is pretty cool to You’ll like
    the music unless your some rap or tencno kid who has no sense of what GOOD
    music is HAHHA

  4. Ken Wild Says:
  5. Greg Krynen Says:
  6. Taylor Ehle Says:
  7. Susan Nikitenko Says:
  8. Susan Nikitenko Says:
  9. Ken Wild Says:

    Thank you Alisson 🙂

  10. Alisson Godkin Says:

    wow!! beautiful work! keep it up!

  11. Ken Wild Says:
  12. Taylor Ehle Says:
  13. Ken Wild Says:
  14. Ken Wild Says:
  15. Ken Wild Says: