Nokia N8 Camera School – #2 Nature photography

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| December 13th, 2012 | Posted in Nature Photography |

24 Responses to “Nokia N8 Camera School – #2 Nature photography”

  1. Mr4nd15 Says:

    damit my c7 doesnt have a damn autofocus and´╗┐ there are no apps for that ­čÖü

  2. aSexyDwarf Says:

    I’ll stick to my Nikon´╗┐ D5100 ­čśë

  3. Nawaabification Says:

    Stop comparing phones and start focusing on photography using N8. Idiots!

    @Uploader – Thank you so much for these videos. I’m learning a lot. Your videos have been a great help. I can´╗┐ now make full use of the absolutely amazing camera on my N8. ­čÖé

  4. BleachByakuyaKuchiki Says:

    It will work, but why install an android that is a joke compared´╗┐ to belle…

  5. TheSencri Says:

    I don’t know what to reply back but i want to so i’ll just say that i’m happy with my sony ericsson xperia neo v. 5mp camera i find´╗┐ it epic.

  6. HouseManqche Says:

    still´╗┐ , take a look at google images > search “n8 macro”

  7. DonMega187 Says:

    gotta fiddle with the settings for any added benefit i guess. these don’t look half bad really. but perhaps the encoding into video ruined part of the detail´╗┐ as well

  8. DonMega187 Says:

    apparently 3 more bought it in past 7´╗┐ months

  9. DonMega187 Says:

    android wouldn’t run´╗┐ that well on 680mhz processor, so no point for anyone to try hacking android on it i guess

  10. DonMega187 Says:

    yep since then phones has went backwards. crappy 8mb is best u can get. of course it’s not just the mp’s that matters, but they’re definitely pissing the customers in the eye for not going forward by all means. it’s because ya’all are just happy with less and focus on other things. but frankly how many of phone users really carry a camera with them at all times? 95%+´╗┐ doesn’t

  11. DonMega187 Says:

    well it’s already few years old so obviously it can’t´╗┐ be best. but it holds up well considering it’s age. don’t be hateful. nokia did poor business deals lately, but this phone wasn’t one of them. it’s pretty much the king of an old era

  12. Mushhood Khan Says:

    No.. actually you cant! its a tesser to measure the accurate distance to ur´╗┐ desired object ur taking photo of!

  13. jebbtalle Says:

    how do´╗┐ you stop the red light before taking a macro photo?..or any photo at all?..

  14. Hicham Jaber Says:

    the new symbiane 3 in n8 is´╗┐ much better than the old one

  15. pufixas Says:

    I had it´╗┐ like 7 months ago

  16. 3oHe1 Says:

    are you have n8 ?? to talk´╗┐ dumb asshole

  17. arjunvijaywargiya1 Says:

    Fuck off Iphone users, the only thing in which iphone beats n8 is the processor and ram, nokia belle gonna be the market king in a few years or so… Nokia n8 can run smooth with only 680mhz of processing speed, while androids and iphones need dual core cpus running at 1 ghz at least which means more consuming of´╗┐ battery ..

  18. raja007rwp Says:

    hi i am hi..;)´╗┐

  19. joemax4200 Says:

    Great advice for (close-up) filming/phtpgraphy…
    I didn’t use tripod in this example…but I did use 2 close-up lenses attached (Kodak R 1:4,5 & Kodak R 1:3, 32mm in diameter, pretty old, approx. 30-40 years old) bought them used (obviously) from a local photography store for only 5 Euros.
    Check it out: watch?v=7wzA1miVddo
    you can´╗┐ get pretty damn close

  20. pufixas Says:

    Best camera on´╗┐ phone? Yes.
    Best camera phone? No.
    Symbian sucks, its laggy, developers forgot about symbian. And its slow

  21. ZR1Terror Says:

    millions of people who bought the iPhone do. As a package the iPhone is way better than´╗┐ the N8 but as a camera phone the N8 beats all!

  22. PhuNguyen88 Says:

    who the fuck in here or on youtube´╗┐ says iphony 4 or 5 or whatever is better then N8 ?

  23. fantomsanja Says:

    Fuuuuuuuuuuu,why I bought in 2011 Galaxy S for 400 euro,if N8 in my land´╗┐ costs 250 and it has more memory and better camera.(((

  24. victor turcanu Says:

    Nokia N8 the best cameraphone in the´╗┐ world