Powerful snaps expose the ravaging effects

It is estimated that, each year, 10 million reptile skins, five million birds, 500 million tropical fish and 30000 primates are traded. When it comes to ‘popularity’, illegal wildlife trade is just next to weapons and drugs business as the most profitable illegal business.

Patrick Brown, a well known photographer, has spent almost ten years traveling the world as well as documenting the consequences of the steady demand for animal products for his project named Trading to Extinction.

Book’s publicity states: “The book takes the reader on a first hand journey into the seedy world of the illegal animal trade and its gruesome pursuit of profit, as well as describing international efforts to stop it.”

According to reports in Manchester, Patrick Brown told that investigating this illegal trade in its depths is a shocking tale of human greed, cruelty and crime. Its tentacles wrap across the world, from the wild forests of Asia to trafficking hubs of cities like New York, Tokyo, London, Beijing and Bangkok.

The book has already been lauded as a great work by many wildlife photographers. While speaking to a leading magazine, he told that if he had shot beautiful wildlife photography then he would have had spreads all over. He is not a wildlife photographer, he is an investigative journalist and he did an investigative journalist piece on the animal trade. He added that there are more tigers in Texas than there are in India and this makes him angry. There is something wrong there.

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