WCA arranges twelfth Photography Club exhibit

Looking at the planet in a very different way and watching things that one had never seen before  this is what the twelfth Annual Willits Photography Club exhibit would treat the visitors throughout this month. The exhibit would take place at Willits Center for the Arts.

Over twenty photographers are giving their works on both WCA floors. The event, this year, is dedicated to late Ray Hansen, the man whose works would also be on the exhibit. Many of his Willits Physical Therapy owned works are on loan for the event.

Erin Creekmur, a club member, stated that this is really a high time for the club that started in the year 2001 as well as embraced snappers at every level of expertise. Creekmur told that the quality is absolutely stellar this year. People have grown over the last year.

Ray Hansens influence is again being celebrated at the photography exhibit this month. Each year, the exhibit gets better and better. They were learning from each other and trying brand new things. The caliber of the exhibit is very amazing.

The works in this years show includes prints on canvas and metal, backlit snaps as well as microscope photography. Club president Stacey Patton (of Wedding Photographer Stockport) told that their event is a showcase of the work that they have been doing for the past twelve months. They have a bunch of photographers which range from brand new to professional. What makes this special is that the fact that everyone is ready to share all their ideas and their equipments and techniques.

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