Amazing nature photography of Mount Kenya, Africa – BBC wildlife

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| December 14th, 2012 | Posted in Nature Photography |

6 Responses to “Amazing nature photography of Mount Kenya, Africa – BBC wildlife”

  1. LouisianaGatorGirl Says:

    (continued) The melting ice from the glacier used to feed the rivers there. Now the rivers have dried up and the people there have no water. Kenyans should work hand in hand to protect their environment, before what remains of their glacier is gone forever.

  2. LouisianaGatorGirl Says:

    I live in a tropical country near the equator and there’s no snow here. I see this beautiful video of Mount Kenya and am amazed and saddened at the same time. I am amazed because Kenya is located right along the equator and yet there’s a glacier on top of their mountain. I am saddened because I noticed that the slopes of the mountain are denuded — no trees left — which is probably the main reason why Mount Kenya has lost 92% of its glacier cover already. This is a monumental disaster.

  3. siasabora Says:


  4. BleedingSceneHeart Says:

    love it :i <3

  5. fiendin281 Says:

    these videos are much more informative and intimate than the planet earth series

  6. moonofsaudi Says:

    very nice video thanks