Birds’ nesting colony in the Savannah – amazing nature photography – BBC wildlife

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| December 17th, 2012 | Posted in Nature Photography |

22 Responses to “Birds’ nesting colony in the Savannah – amazing nature photography – BBC wildlife”

  1. shadhunter Says:

    lol them wilder beast must be like ” what the fucks going on?”

  2. imthetank3 Says:

    got yo baby bitch haaaaa! funny storkes

  3. Davy Ker Says:

    “Do you think where you live is cramped? Spare a thought for these small birds who live as up to 1 million breeding pairs in a small share of African bush! ”
    Yeah that’s a lot but if I was a 50th the size I am, I wouldn’t mind that much …

  4. watyomamagot Says:


  5. batongo Says:

    More spectacular and bigger starling flocks can be seen on Spiller’s new videoclip…. search for “Spiller Pigeonman’s Revenge”!

  6. ambarawio Says:

    huuuiiiiii good video

  7. gidlike Says:


  8. Kibitto5 Says:

    I feel like leaving this part of the world and living to close these birds and animals.

  9. reloader248 Says:

    Red billed Quelea, anyone in here that have them?

  10. jonalynmangunay Says:


  11. ShadowriverUB Says:

    same way as we eat fruits on the tries

  12. Rochid123 Says:

    the wicked bird ate the babies :'(

  13. Gutsyndicate Says:

    amazing Africa, the only paradise left on earth, intact as it was made in the begginning.

  14. Gesmehod Says:

    Camping at the spawn point eh. Storks are such assholes. 😀

  15. royalsteven Says:

    Wu-tang killa birds lol

  16. heat45jc Says:

    yeah, i was just going to say the same. stereotypically, storks deliver babies, but in reality they just eat them.

  17. Steve Dunn Says:

    Kind of ironic seeing those storkes eating the chicks.

  18. thatsMrSmileytoyou Says:

    10 days to hatch that’s nuts

  19. thatsMrSmileytoyou Says:

    Have a shread of hope gents :

  20. wilvagilly Says:

    more like 10 years.

  21. hiindika Says:

    what a lovely video.. Amazing nature…

  22. fiendin281 Says:

    o well, this will all be gone in 100 years