Nature photography exhibit

Natural History Museum has got criticism from some areas for taking sponsorship from a Brazilian mining firm that threatens the natural beauty of Amazon depicted in that same exhibit. Environmentalists are taking this matter with Natural History Museum regarding the sponsorship for an exhibit of landscape snaps.

Genesis is an exhibit of photographs taken by Sebastião Salgado, who one of the greatest living photojournalists in the world right now, that seeks to describe the magnificent mosaic of nature in all its unspoilt grandeur. The Kensington museum has sponsored the exhibit with money from a Brazilian company named Vale, which is the 2nd largest mining company in the world. Earlier, this company was voted the worst firm for human rights as well as environment practice by over 25000 people in the year 2012 in a vote conducted by corporate watchdogs.

Vale’s engagement with controversial Bel Monte dam that as per critics will flood five hundred square kilo-metres of Amazonian rainforest, which is the subject of some of Sebastião Salgado’s snaps, has received anger towards the museum. Amazon Watch campaigner Christian Poirer told a news paper that the sponsorship was “greenwashing”.

Natural History Museum has defended the involvement of Vale. It told that Vale and Genesis exhibit had a mutual concern along with the balance of human relationships with the planet. A spokesman stated that they believe the challenge is to work responsibly to find a balance between use and protection of natural resources, and that Vale is working in a reputable way.

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Photography program shows stories of poor people across the world

A photography program by a local people is in attempt to change the way this world sees poverty. Saying the stories of those people who will not make the Forbes hundred list of top billionaires is the actual target of The Other Hundred, which is a collection of hundred snaps as well as stories from across the planet which capture all the struggles as well as all the celebrations of the general people.

Global Institute for Tomorrow, which is a local social think tank, had started the program. their chief executive officer Chandran Nair told that the implication of several rich lists is that being rich is the only way to live a life of meaning. He added that the reality of the world is that most people in the world are not very rich, and this is the reason why they want to tell their story, but not in a stereotypical way.

A worldwide call for the submissions of the snaps in January ended this month. A panel that consists of of some of the best photographers as well as designers in the world are in Hong Kong now to go through twelve thousand snaps to select the hundred entries that will be published in a hardcover book, which will be unveiled later in autumn, and the proceeds will now go to the charities.

Richard Hsu, a leading Chinese designer, said that this is not just for the world to see, it is for the Chinese to see, mainly the young people who are less set in their thinking and want to learn several things on social issues.

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Couple shares photography experience

Kathleen and Karl Nichter have turned their love into action with free photography hikes at the Brooker Creek Preserve located in East Lake. Since college, Karl and Kathleen worked their way hard from semi professional to professional photographer while on the other side, they were still keeping full time careers. Nichter’s photography website says that the couple relished an early retirement in the year 2008 and decided to take their love for the camera to another level.

Very soon, they started teaching courses as well as leading hikes – like a free nature photography visit in East Lake’s Brooker Creek Preserve. Even though they are a core team, Kathleen and Karlare working with totally different field of photography.

Karl masters shooting flowers, landscapes and fine art whereas Kathleen perfects blog contents with pictures to match and travel and nature images. Apart from, teaching classes, shooting and leading hikes, the couple update their blogs whenever they get time.

On Photography, Nature and Travel highlights on the pair’s work in natural settings while Nichter PhotographyX-Tras highlights the group’s black and white works. As far as future plans are concerned, the couple want to publish a book on their photography and share their knowledge with others.

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LagosPhoto Festival

As the LagosPhoto Festival collaborates with the World Press Photo to take the contest’s exhibit Nigeria. LagosPhoto is an international arts event of photography in Nigeria and now they have has signed a 3 – year deal with the World Press Photo which will take the photojournalism contest’s exhibit to Lagos. Olivier Laurent talked with the curator of Joseph Gergel regarding LagosPhoto’s spot in photographic community.

The LagosPhoto was established in the year 2010 in Nigeria’s Lagos as a platform for the photographic development evolution of photography when it comes to Africa, with the main focus being in Nigeria. The annual function also takes place here.

At first, a project of African Artists’ Foundation, which is a non profit organization set to promote the contemporary African art. Since the LagosPhoto has spread out to a separate foundation and abstraction in its own right.

Azu Nwagbogu, the director of African Artists’ Foundation, founded and developed the LagosPhoto. African Artists’ Foundation was a vibrant and rich photographic community which was starting in Nigeria.

With the lack of an arts infrastructure in the country, as well as the absence of well photography education or even concentration in arts university, LagosPhoto was made to offer a voice to this photographic community in this country, and it is targeted to expand the scopes that are available to photographers to exhibit their photos.

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Youth photography exhibit

Magnificent pictures clicked by the local teenagers are on display at Gallery 200. The event features pictures from the Advanced Photography Class of South Elgin High School. A senior class member has helped to arrange the exhibit.

The Opening Reception took place on 10th January and was attended by the students as well as their family members. They saw color and black and white compositions clicked by upper level class students. They also relished some light refreshments. Teacher Barbara Bernard told that she was really thrilled to look at her students’ work showcased in a public gallery.

Bernard told that her fifteen advanced students choose their strongest prints, showcasing different assignments that they have finished. Her students matted them and created their own titles. They did everything from conception to installation.

She added that the darkroom is the heart of their program. It is something like meditation. There is no outside stimulus. Her students 35 millimeter manual focus cameras to click the pictures. The students selected shutter speed and aperture and they also self corrected the pictures for this exhibition. Bernard told that when you instill a solid understanding of photographic standards, students can critique their own work.

All the student were really happy to see their work displayed on the wall. One of the students told that she became interested in photography when she was very young.

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