Couple shares photography experience

Kathleen and Karl Nichter have turned their love into action with free photography hikes at the Brooker Creek Preserve located in East Lake. Since college, Karl and Kathleen worked their way hard from semi professional to professional photographer while on the other side, they were still keeping full time careers. Nichter’s photography website says that the couple relished an early retirement in the year 2008 and decided to take their love for the camera to another level.

Very soon, they started teaching courses as well as leading hikes – like a free nature photography visit in East Lake’s Brooker Creek Preserve. Even though they are a core team, Kathleen and Karlare working with totally different field of photography.

Karl masters shooting flowers, landscapes and fine art whereas Kathleen perfects blog contents with pictures to match and travel and nature images. Apart from, teaching classes, shooting and leading hikes, the couple update their blogs whenever they get time.

On Photography, Nature and Travel highlights on the pair’s work in natural settings while Nichter PhotographyX-Tras highlights the group’s black and white works. As far as future plans are concerned, the couple want to publish a book on their photography and share their knowledge with others.

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