Ct River – Nature Walk – Healing Music – New England Summer – Nature Photography

Video clip Score: four / five

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| December 14th, 2012 | Posted in Nature Photography |

25 Responses to “Ct River – Nature Walk – Healing Music – New England Summer – Nature Photography”

  1. MsHowardh Says:

    Beautiful scenery, thanks.

  2. AnjaSeesternchen1 Says:

    wunderschön ♥

  3. peter johnson Says:

    Hiking the trails alone, no way one is never alone on Gods Green Earth. After the first couple of miles ones head gets emptied of all the bad things, then the beauty around you becomes real, the sounds the smells. Love the music too.

  4. Wolfgang Gsell Says:

    Nice song…good video

  5. dany73977 Says:

    Magique ! j’adoreeeeee….

  6. eddy boussetta Says:

    magnifique video

  7. chendriks100 Says:

    Beautiful music and video. Thanks. 🙂

  8. PhoenixCovers Says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for posting 🙂

  9. Ispeakoutproductions Says:

    Die Musik ist toll und Ihre Winkel sind genial .. Just awesome! Ihr wirklich gut in dem, was Sie tun .. Sie haben so viel Potenzial!

  10. Jolandda Ly Says:

    SUPER !
    SUPER !
    SUPER !

  11. chendriks100 Says:

    Great music, very good clip. Thanks.

  12. Josef Klenovský Says:

    Nice … very nice vid !!!

  13. Stevie McFly Says:

    Definitely needed this at this exact moment! Very Calming

  14. planetrockford Says:


  15. Keesvangelis Synthesizer Says:


  16. hebe326 Says:

    Beautiful video, magnificent photos and wonderful music.
    You are so exceptional informative that I feel that I was there. Thanks
    Very special video.

  17. mzbinden1952 Says:

    Extraordinary !! Very very relaxing and in my backyard as well…thank you for the share.

  18. Tony Danis Says:

    wonderful video and very beautyful music******thank you

  19. lookteasermv Says:

    Paisagens lindas!

  20. Isabelle Marchione Says:

    beautiful… love it

  21. Nafila Ramdani Says:

    merci infiniment pour l invitation c est vraiment beau et la musique est formidable

  22. steviejacko Says:

    really really beautiful 

  23. DigitalMosaics Says:

    Vielen Dank für die guten Worte. Es bedeutet eine Menge!

  24. Martin Dalheimer Says:

    sehr gut zusammen komponiert: Musik und Film!
    Klasse Arbeit!

  25. MrWaywayfarer Says:

    I like everything on this vid. Music and footage. Fine job!!