LagosPhoto Festival

As the LagosPhoto Festival collaborates with the World Press Photo to take the contest’s exhibit Nigeria. LagosPhoto is an international arts event of photography in Nigeria and now they have has signed a 3 – year deal with the World Press Photo which will take the photojournalism contest’s exhibit to Lagos. Olivier Laurent talked with the curator of Joseph Gergel regarding LagosPhoto’s spot in photographic community.

The LagosPhoto was established in the year 2010 in Nigeria’s Lagos as a platform for the photographic development evolution of photography when it comes to Africa, with the main focus being in Nigeria. The annual function also takes place here.

At first, a project of African Artists’ Foundation, which is a non profit organization set to promote the contemporary African art. Since the LagosPhoto has spread out to a separate foundation and abstraction in its own right.

Azu Nwagbogu, the director of African Artists’ Foundation, founded and developed the LagosPhoto. African Artists’ Foundation was a vibrant and rich photographic community which was starting in Nigeria.

With the lack of an arts infrastructure in the country, as well as the absence of well photography education or even concentration in arts university, LagosPhoto was made to offer a voice to this photographic community in this country, and it is targeted to expand the scopes that are available to photographers to exhibit their photos.

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