Library becomes a photography studio

Kilbourn Public Library is all set to turn into a photo studio during “Picture Yourself at the Library” open house on 25th January, Saturday. The open house occurs from 11 am to 1 pm and it features a scope for visitors to have their snaps taken with props, one would generally find in the library, like Kindles, books as well as a fancy hat on loan to dress up. The subject is based off Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures book.

Borck linked the programmed activities at a meeting to the library board on Thursday, but he also observed in a chat show that after the meeting – she is really very excited for the open house. Borck told that the Friends of the Library attract people with the recreations they offer. This is a scope for people to watch the library past and present as well as people who do not come to library often can check what is available.

Borck told that library board that they were going to have a picture scavenger hunt. They would have euchre tables again. They would also demonstrate There would be a craft in this room for both kids and adults.

Money would be collected off library fines for books given in the open house. There would also be door gifts, people can decorate a picture frame to bear the snaps they had just clicked at the library. The library is also beginning a brand new program named 1000 Books Before Kindergarten as well as sign ups for that show would be available.

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