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Natural History Museum has got criticism from some areas for taking sponsorship from a Brazilian mining firm that threatens the natural beauty of Amazon depicted in that same exhibit. Environmentalists are taking this matter with Natural History Museum regarding the sponsorship for an exhibit of landscape snaps.

Genesis is an exhibit of photographs taken by SebastiĆ£o Salgado, who one of the greatest living photojournalists in the world right now, that seeks to describe the magnificent mosaic of nature in all its unspoilt grandeur. The Kensington museum has sponsored the exhibit with money from a Brazilian company named Vale, which is the 2nd largest mining company in the world. Earlier, this company was voted the worst firm for human rights as well as environment practice by over 25000 people in the year 2012 in a vote conducted by corporate watchdogs.

Vale’s engagement with controversial Bel Monte dam that as per critics will flood five hundred square kilo-metres of Amazonian rainforest, which is the subject of some of SebastiĆ£o Salgado’s snaps, has received anger towards the museum. Amazon Watch campaigner Christian Poirer told a news paper that the sponsorship was “greenwashing”.

Natural History Museum has defended the involvement of Vale. It told that Vale and Genesis exhibit had a mutual concern along with the balance of human relationships with the planet. A spokesman stated that they believe the challenge is to work responsibly to find a balance between use and protection of natural resources, and that Vale is working in a reputable way.

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