Nature Photography – Nature’s Best Photography

Movie Rating: four / 5

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| December 13th, 2012 | Posted in Nature Photography |

25 Responses to “Nature Photography – Nature’s Best Photography”

  1. Petri Kultanen Says:

    quality is horrible.

  2. BIGredsARTWORLD1 Says:

    Maybe one day I will be with them, Just one day

  3. goldfererful Says:

    Amazing , touching, and awesomely real

  4. Paul Grinnell Says:

    For me, my nature photography helps me reconnect, physically, emotionally, and spiritually with my world. I love the comment in the video about “further investigation”. What a powerful aspect of great photography!

  5. sabeethaful Says: i love to cook and i have two son

  6. sumabz Says:

    what are those 4 dislikes all about?

  7. iamargenn Says:

    i <3 this video.:))

  8. AmateurPhotography Says:

    Great video.

  9. Jonathontroyan512 Says:

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  10. destroy1ner Says:

    at 0:52 what a great shot of the zebras shadows!!! the shadows looked as if it were normal horses

  11. john fehilly Says:

    0:44 fox in hole brill

  12. Snakeman418 Says:

    Now thats photography at its finest, absolutely amazing. 5*.

  13. ageofaqu Says:

    Spectacular work and inspirational!

  14. hornvin Says:

    i live in norway, and when i have time, i go up in the beautiful mountains and ( wich we have alot of here) and take lots of photosof animals and nature.
    i have many many GB of photos on my computer, from all year long.

  15. classclowns2009 Says:

    i love nature a lot and i do my own photography on nature

  16. 47zencreative Says:

    this is why I prefer Nature Photography than the ones in studios…5/5

  17. FischerPhotography Says:

    Who ever edited this video did an a great job! Those photographers work really hard to get the shot.

  18. Recon9143 Says:

    have a quick eye and dont be afraid of failure.

  19. bootsarecool224 Says:

    Can you give me tips on pictures because those pictures are really good. I have 2 vids on pictures so far. please?

  20. basedonafanfiction Says:

    if you like photography please check out my video at basedonafanfiction

  21. Karla Larsson Says:

    Glorious photographs! Oh to be able to go where the photographer(s) went to capture these scenes myself! They are truly blessed, talented and greatly appreciated! Without them, we would not know what wonders our world has to behold!

  22. Mysticalxx Says:

    Anyone know what that fancy font is??

  23. morgantey Says:

    My world and vision are captured in those awsome images.

  24. moonofsaudi Says:

    Magnificence Photos , big thanks for the vid

  25. flaviocalderoni Says:

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