Nature Photography With The Nikon D7000 at Tanyard Creek (Part I)

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| December 14th, 2012 | Posted in Nature Photography |

10 Responses to “Nature Photography With The Nikon D7000 at Tanyard Creek (Part I)”

  1. ithree6mafia Says:

    thanks:)! yes, Reebok Zigtechs yeah they sure are!

  2. josecarr91 Says:

    Do you have sample pics with the D7000 I can see?

  3. MrGotemcoach Says:

    cool video,and awesome topic but,reebok?are they comfortable?

  4. tomtom0088912010 Says:

    That was badass, need part 2 ASAP. With the mic lol

  5. ithree6mafia Says:

    actually, I just bought one. Part II of this video I will be using it.

  6. TeachMeHowToRaji Says:

    When are you going to get a real mic?

  7. Krishan Pugh Says:

    very nice scenery and music

  8. dvrussian Says:

    Ok thanks:)

  9. ithree6mafia Says:

    We ran out of time when filming, so part II is coming very soon

  10. dvrussian Says:

    Where’s thy waterfall