Photography program shows stories of poor people across the world

A photography program by a local people is in attempt to change the way this world sees poverty. Saying the stories of those people who will not make the Forbes hundred list of top billionaires is the actual target of The Other Hundred, which is a collection of hundred snaps as well as stories from across the planet which capture all the struggles as well as all the celebrations of the general people.

Global Institute for Tomorrow, which is a local social think tank, had started the program. their chief executive officer Chandran Nair told that the implication of several rich lists is that being rich is the only way to live a life of meaning. He added that the reality of the world is that most people in the world are not very rich, and this is the reason why they want to tell their story, but not in a stereotypical way.

A worldwide call for the submissions of the snaps in January ended this month. A panel that consists of of some of the best photographers as well as designers in the world are in Hong Kong now to go through twelve thousand snaps to select the hundred entries that will be published in a hardcover book, which will be unveiled later in autumn, and the proceeds will now go to the charities.

Richard Hsu, a leading Chinese designer, said that this is not just for the world to see, it is for the Chinese to see, mainly the young people who are less set in their thinking and want to learn several things on social issues.

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