Relaxing Music with Pictures of Nature

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| December 12th, 2012 | Posted in Nature Photography |

24 Responses to “Relaxing Music with Pictures of Nature”

  1. Adarsh Chumun Says:

    great relaxing music

  2. hondurasblue1234 Says:

    I love the song sea of dreams!

  3. mygodiswithin Says:

    Wow, did you take the pictures? simply amazing, I love the msuic too! Makes me really relaxed. I tried another meditation vid earlier (this one! /watch?v=3JIccws04Zw) with some sort of new strange sound technology, strange! but so amazing! Just check it out and you’ll see. Anyway, thanks so much for this upload. So Blissfull.

  4. embracingmyjourney Says:

    Great photos!! I think the atomic bomb picture serves as a reminder how man can destroy all of this beauty so easily.

  5. coolmster300 Says:

    your amazing music helps wonders…

  6. byroadtripfilms Says:

    Beautiful and Stunning. “Movie Stills & Music – ELSA LETTERSEED – Through the Eye of the Camera”, is a photo collage that I put together from stills off our Independent Movie. Please take a look at it on our channel and we would love your feedback. Thanks.

  7. artemis gisdaki Says:

    nice pictures relaxing music !!! close my eyes and dreaming…

  8. cortney lesperance Says:

    i always watch this video when im stressed or need inspiration and the scenery is beautiful. <3 great job (:

  9. Boris Razl Says:

    you have a picture of atomic bomb, as a natural sight o.O wow, you did that on purpouse!

  10. robota1993 Says:

    2:06 relaxing music with a picture of an atomic bomb…
    but the music is still good ^^

  11. tristan8141 Says:

    Nice video and music darkstar (by the way, I love the GD song dark star, it’s one of my favorites to jam to). I recommend you space the pictures out at least 10 seconds apart though, to better go with the flow of the music. If you can edit it, that is…

  12. Qmrzjatt Says:

    Why everyone hates me but world is so beautiful…

  13. TheyCrawlOnWalls Says:

    Uhh? Ruins of the original creation? How else would the Earth have looked? He made it beautifully.
    “‘Worthy art Thou, O Lord, to receive the glory, and the honour, and the power, because Thou — Thou didst create the all things, and because of Thy will are they, and they were created.'”

  14. TheGamerRabbit Says:

    2:05 ?? Mother nature and relaxing huh? 😛

  15. DarkRainMonster Says:

    Good, but it didnt make me sleep! :C

  16. petesalty1 Says:

    Excellent!! Relaxing music and fantastic photos!! Thank you for posting

  17. fortressone22rr Says:

    wonderful -greetings from germany

  18. bernard joy maynopas Says:

    take note, these views are only ruins of the original creation of God after He cursed earth when man sinned. Read Genesis 1-3. But still to our standards, these are beautiful

  19. hephzibahdarlene Says:

    I loved this video it was perfect……

  20. Cbass543 Says:

    As nice as this is you run the pics way to fast you dont even have time to absorb them nor remember them well….

  21. ns2010ns Says:


  22. ttttttttttttytrtReee Says:


  23. eccedustin Says:

    Great stuff.

  24. rutchaneejang148 Says:

    water fall is beautiful pic