Self-Taught Professional Photographer Finds Success in Spite of Making a Late Start

Peter Barnes, a passionate photographer, shares that it was during his student life in high school that the idea of trying his hands in photography crossed his mind for the very first time.

At the age of 17, when he acquired his camera, he could not think that this would be his passion and profession at the same time. He kept on practicing and slowly developed his own style of photography.

According to Peter Barnes, he was not concerned about having his own style, but with time he saw that he found one. Presently he is pretty confident about having a modern yet clear style of photography.

He has been getting a lot of offers to take photographs, and one of the memorable experiences is to shoot his favorite music band Lights. Since the management of the band as looking for a photographer with a different perspective towards photography, Peter Barnes got the chance.

With his talent, he started to impress and convince his family which was not very much in favor of pursuing photography. He got the chance to shoot several occasions like music videos, wedding ceremonies, and so on. After that, he opened his own business Intrepid Visuals LLC. His impressive works have given him several projects to work on. Zachariah Mayfield, his friend, believes that Barnes has very creative and artistic eyes for things. Mayfield and Barnes had become friends when Barnes started shooting the live programs and videos of Mayfield’s band i.e. Earth Groans.

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| October 10th, 2016 | Posted in Nature Photography |

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