Wildlife photographer magnificent photo of a heron

You know the feeling when you like a fish dinner. This is what has been happening to this hungry heron which was saved on camera snapping up as well as devouring their dinner. It was a huge fish and it thrashed their body repeatedly from side to side in a bid to escape. But it was trapped in the beak of a hungry heron without any chance of survival – and it seems to have been swallowed whole.

The breathtaking snap of a deadly battle was clicked by John Scamell, a Southampton wildlife photographer, who often sees nature in the raw. Earlier this year, he took the picture of a seal eaten a tasty snack in view of people straying in a block.

The marine mammal was swimming on River Itchen near in Southampton when it saw the perfect meal and then it wasted no time in cheering its hunger. Mr Scamell clicked the picture of the seal from the balcony of his 3rd floor flat in Priory Avenue.

But the sixty three year old had to travel to the border of Hampshire-Dorset to click his newest dramatic shots. He was making up one of his monthly visits to Blashford Lakes, located near Ringwood, when a grey colored heron swooped into full and it started looking for its next food.

Mr Scamell had been sitting in a hide for around half-an-hour when the heron came beside a little pond and started stalking its prey. He told that the bird was just waiting for the perfect moment. Finally, he caught the fish and passed many minutes playing with it before placing it on their side as well as stabbing it with his beak.

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| April 20th, 2015 | Posted in Nature Photography |

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